[50+ Amazing] Kitty Party Games | Best Ladies Kitty Part Games (2020-2021)

Kitty Party Games

Kitty Party Games:-  Aajkal Saari Mahilaaye Jo Kitty Parties Krti Hain Sab Chahti hain Ki Unki Party Bakio Se Unique Or Exciting Ho.Parties Ko Unique Or ExcitingKya Banata hai.Exactly Aap Ne Sahi kaha:-Tasty Food , Unique Theme , Chill Environment And Yes Exciting & Cool Games.

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Best Kitty Party Games

1.Chopsticks and gems/Chocalate game

Items needed(Require) to play:- Four or five packets of gems Ya Phir Choti Choti chocolates poured into a big bowl and kept in the centre of a table, Number of chopstick pairs as per number of players

How to Play:-Players(Member) have to pick up the gems ya Chocolate with their chopsticks and place it in front of them on the table(Not So Simple).

Winner: The person(Player) who has successfully picked out the maximum number of gems in 30 seconds is the winner of this game for kitty party(Simple? Try It).

2. Memory Game

Items needed(Require) to play: Prepare a tray with 20 to 25 small items like key ring, nail polish, small masala packet, soap or Shampoo shase etc and keep it covered. Take some Blank papers and pens according to number of players(Simple, Found it)

How to Play:- All the players(Person) will sit around a table on which the covered tray is kept. Uncover(Unfold) the tray for exactly 30 seconds so that all the participants can see the items and cover it back.

The players(Participants) then have to write the names of the items, however only after you say “start”. Memory games for ladies are always a good choice and Exciting .

Winner: The person(Player) who writes most item names correctly.

3.Safety Pins And Rice

Item Needed(Require) to Play:-A bowl full of rice, around 30 to 40  safety pins(According to members).

How to Play: Mix the All safety pins and Rice in the bowl . Blindfold the participant(Player) and ask them to separate(Rice/ Pin) as many safety pins as possible from the bowl in one minute.

 In the end, deduct the number of rice on the plate (if any) from the number of safety pins(Funny? Why don't you try it).

Winner:- The person(Player) who pulls out the maximum safety pins without spilling the rice is the winner.


4.Reverse Alphabets Game

Items Needed(Require) to Play :-  Pens and papers

How To Play:-  Ask each player(Participants) to write down the alphabet in reverse order and also write a word starting with that alphabet in front of it(Easy,Give it a Chance).

Winner:-The player(Member) who finishes first is the winner.

5.Lock And Keys

Kitty Party Games

Items  Needed(Require) to Play :- Several(According to Members) pairs of locks and keys.
How To Play:-Lock the locks and shuffle all the keys together(Simple,Try it out).

Winner:- The player(member) who unlocks the maximum number of locks in one minute is the winner.

  • 6.Pick The Coin Game

Kitty Party Games

Items needed(Require) to play:- A huge(According to Members) Pile of currency coins set in the middle of a table.

How to Play:-Each Person(player) has to pick as well as keep holding those coins with one hand. This makes for one of the most creative and Exciting kitty party games for ladies(Funny, Play and Found it).

Winner: The Person(Player) who picks and holds the maximum number of coins in thirty seconds(Or in 1 minute).

7.Rajmah Straw Game

Items needed(Require) to play: Take A Number Of Straws as per number of players, Take an uncooked rajmah grains in A Bowl.

How to Play:-Each Person(player) will be assigned a straw with which they have to suck a rajmah grain and place it in front of them Or In Other Bowl(Easy ,Try it Out).

Winner: The person(Player) who has successfully placed the maximum number of rajmah grains in front of them Or in A Bowl in 1 or 2 minutes Is the Winner.

8.Pick The Buttons

Items Needed (Require) to Play:- 5/10 red, 20/30 yellow and 40/50 white buttons, a pack of safety Pins Or More.

How To Play:- Put all the buttons in a bowl. Assign points to the button of each colour (Say 10 points to the white button, 20 points to the yellow and 50 points to the red Or You Decide).

Winner:- The Person (Player) have to pick up as many buttons as possible in one minute using a safety pin,Who Did It Will be The Winner.

9. Movie Name Game

One Minute Games
Movie Name Game 

Items needed(Require) to play:- Papers and pens according to the number of players

How to Play:- ✓Hand outthe blank papers and pens to the ladies(participants)and tell them to write out as many movie(Films) names possible of a particular duos like Amitabh Bachchan Rekha,

Shahrukh- Kajol ,  Anil-Madhuri etc in two minutes. This is one of the most fun And Exciting kitty party games ideas which are easy to play(Don't Agree,Try it out).

Winner: Person(Player) who has written most movie names Will be the Winner.

10.The Shoe Exchange Game

One Minute Games
Shoe Exchange Game 

Itema Needed(Require) to Play:- Practically nothing.

How To Play: Make Two teams(Equal Member Each Side). Partners have to exchange one of their shoes.

Winner,:- The team that finishes first and settles down Will be the winner.

Best One Minute Games

1.Filling Empty Glasses Game

One Minute Games
Filling Empty Glass Game 

Items needed(Require) to play: Some Empty glasses and Water.
How to Play:- Fill  The Empty glasses with water without spilling anything(Simple?,Try it Out).
Winner:- The person (Player) fills most glasses without spilling water.

2.Rubber Band and Safety Pin Chain Game

Item Needed(Require)toPlay:-Bunches(Large Amount) of rubber bands and safety pins kept in two different-different bowls.

How to Play:- Each Person(Palyer) has to make a rubber band and safety pin chain by interlinking rubber bands on the two ends of a safety pin with more safety pins(Difficult? Why Don't you try it out).

Winner: The person(Player) who makes the longest chain in two minutes.

3. Writing a Love Letter Game

Items needed(Require) to play:  Pens and Other stationery
How to Play : Offer pens and stationary, and assign a judge(Not biased one)(Simple try IT).
Winner: May the best letter win,Who Writes A Good Letter In Particular Time 

4.Sealing Envelopes Game

Items needed to play: Some Envelopes.

How To Play :- Everyone(Anyone) can play this easily; all they need to do is steal Soem envelopes(Easi,Try it Na)

Winner: The one(Member) who steals the most within the minute is the undisputed(Unbiased) winner

5.The Shoe Exchange

Items Needed(Require) to Play :- Practically Nothing.

How To Play:- Make teams of two(Equal Member Each Side). Partners have to exchange one of their shoes(Interesting?, Try It).

Winner:-The team that finishes first and settles down, is the winner.

6.Peeling Maximum Number of Oranges Under a Minute Game

Items needed(Require) to play: Some Oranges(According to Members)
How to Play: Each Person (Player) has to peel as many oranges as possible(Simple na , Try It).
Winner:- The winner is obviously the one(Player) who peels the most In one Minute.

7.Draw on the Balloon Game

One Minute Games
Draw On The Balloon Game 

Items needed(Require) to play: Pieces of balloons(Acc.To Members) and pens
How To Play :- Each Person(Player) has to blow up their assigned balloon and then draw full human figures on it, all in one or more minute(Easy?,Give it a Try).
Winner: The Member(Player) who draws the maximum number of coherent figures on the balloon Will wins this really fun 1 minute games for kitty party.

8.Sewing a Button On a Shirt Game

Items needed(Require) to play:Some Buttons And sewing threads and Some shirts
How to Play :-The entire button should be sewn on tightly within the minute(Tough,Try and Decide).
Winner: The person(Player) who stitches in the button best in 1 minute.

9.Setting the Dining Table Game

Kitty Party Games For Ladies

Items needed(Require) to play: Some Crockery and cutlery
How to Play:- An entire layout(Prep) for a six course meal will have to be completed by the participants(Players) under a minute.
Winner: The person(Player) who neatly arranges it the fastest Will Be the Deserving Winner. 

How to decore a dining table 

10.Search Your Pair Game.

Items Needed (Require) To Play:- Two packs of playing cards(Patte) , And Some plain paper.
How To Play: Pick the same cards from both packs and give one to each player(Member). Now ask the players to find the person who has the same card as them(Simple, Try It).
Winner:-The Person (Player)Who find their partner first is the Winner.

Kitty Party Games For Ladies

1.Draping A Saree Game

Items needed(Require) to play: Sarees as per number of players(Member)
How To Play:-  Your Guests (Members) can be told to drape a saree(Indian Outfit) on their current outfit just by tying knots from below considering that they won’t be given petticoats at all for the game(Boring?, You're Wrong).
Winner: Whoever Person ties the best saree In less Time Will be The Winner.

2.Braiding The Hair Game

Kitty Party Games For Ladies
Braiding The Hair Game

Items needed(Require) to play:  Nothing Practically
How To Play :-This can also be a competition of sorts And Funny too, wherein the one has to make as many braids on their hair as possible In As Much as less Time(Difficult?,Try it out).
Winner: The Person (Player) makes the maximum braids, Will be declared the Winner.

3.Alphabetical Chat Game

Items needed(Require) to play:  Nothing Practically
All the players(Members) have to sit in a circle and a person chosen at random will start by saying a sentence beginning with A, eg “An ant is small” Or Any Other. Now the game will continue clockwise(Or AntiClockwise ,Your Wish) with the next player beginning the sentence with B, and so on. Anyone who takes more than 30 seconds to speak is out(Eliminate)and sentences cannot be repeated(Difficult,Why Don't you Try It).
Winner: The person(Player) who remains till the end of the game.

4.Guess The Hinglish Song Game

Kitty Party Games For Ladies

Items needed(Require) to play:- A list of 15 To  20  hindi songs, whose first lines have been translated to English(Do it before party). Eg, these black black eyes, these white white cheeks (yeh kaali kaali ankhein, yeh gore gore gaal) and so on, the more difficult song - the better. Photocopy this list on papers as per the number of Persons (Player)
How to Play:-Each participant(Player) has to correctly identify(Recognise) and name the hindi songs. This is yet another one of Best  fun game for ladies kitty game that you can play(Exciting? Play Nd know ).

Winner: The person(Player) who correctly identifies the maximum number of songs in minimum time.

5.Handbag Queen

Items needed(Require) to play: Nothing practically
How to Play:- You(Need Pencil Paper only) have to make a list of most commonly  found items  in ladies handbags. Like  credit card, lipstick, handkerchief, perfume ,Water ,Eye liners etc. make a list of at least fifteen to twenty items. This can be counted among the most hassle and funny free paper games for kitty party(Funny,Try It).
Winner: Person(Player) who has most of the items on the list.

6.Applying Nail Polish Game

One Minute Games For Ladies
Nail Polish Game 

Items needed(Require) to play:  Nail polish and nail polish removers as per the number of players
How to Play: You can make it more interesting by telling them(All The Players) that they have to apply nail paint on all their hands and toes.The ladies(Players) who already have some sort of nail color will have to remove their present color and apply the new coat(Easy,Try N Decide).
Winner: The Person (Player) does the best nail polish application in one minute.

7.Stick The Cotton Balls Game

One Minute Games For Ladies
Stic The Cutton Ball Game 

Items Needed (Require) to Play: Take a bowl filled with cotton balls(Acc.To Members), an empty bowl, vaseline.
How To Play: Players(Members) will first apply Vaseline on their face and put their face inside the bowl(Katori) filled with cotton balls so that the balls stick to their face. They have to now transfer these balls to the empty bowl(Katori) placed on another table(So Funny?,Give it a chance).
Winner:-The Person (Player) who transfers the maximum balls wins.

8.Floating Brinjals Game

Items  Needed (Require) to Play :- A bowl fully  filled with water, Some toothpicks, And Some small brinjals

How To Play: Put the brinjals(Began) in the bowl of water. Give the players(Member) a toothpick each and ask them to pick as many brinjals as they can using the toothpick(Simple?,Go Try It out).

Winner:- The Person (Player) Who Picks the most brinjals Will be the winner.

9.Coin On Pencil Game

One Minute Games For Ladies
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Items Needed (Require) to Play: A new pencil with a flat end(So Coin Can Easily place on It) , a handful of one rupee coins, a piece of thermocol.
How To Play: Fix the pencil (Or Pen)on the thermocol. Ask the Member(Players) to stack the one rupee coins on the flat end of the pencil(Interesting?,Check it out).
Winner:-The Person (Player) who places the maximum coins is the winner.

10.Drop The Playing Cards Game

Items Needed (Require)to Play:- A bowl, a chair, a pack of playing cards(Patte).
How To Play: The players(Member) will stand in front of the chair and the bowl (katori) will be placed on the ground at the back of the chair. Ask the players(Members) to throw the cards one by one in the bowl from over the chair(Easy?,Give it a Chance).
Winner:-The Person (Player) who gets the maximum cards in the bowl will Be the Winner.

One Minute Games For Ladies

1.One Minute Challenge Game:

Items needed(Require) to play: A Stopwatch
How to Play:- The host(Judge) has to manage the stopwatch. The rest of the players(Members) will sit in silence, when they feel one minute is up, they will raise the hand and say so(Simple na ,Try it).
Winner: Participant(Player) who has the best guess of one minute wins.

2.Chopping Vegetables Game

One Minute Games For Ladies
Chopping Vegetable Game 

Items needed(Require) to play:  Basket of Various Types Of  Vegetables and Some knives.
How to Play:- Everyone(Every Player) can be given a basket of vegetables and asked to chop them(Try it).
Winner: The Person (Player) who chops the maximum within a minute wins.

3.Stack the Coins Game

Items needed(Require) to play :- Various(Different) denominations of coins collected in a big bunch.
Game Rules: Players(All Members) have to make stacks of coins in a manner that they add up to an amount of 10 rupees Or More.(Try it).
Winner: Person (Player) who makes the maximum set of 10 rupees stacks.

4.Arranging Coins:

Items needed(Require) to play:Bags of Some coins
How to Play:- Distribute to Everyone, separate bags of coins and ask your guests(Players) to arrange them number wise within a minute(Easy,Try it).
Winner: The Person(Player) who arranges it the fastest Will Win.

5.Rearranging A Lady’s Purse Game

Items needed(Require) to play:  Purses filled with jumbled up things(Funny).
Game Rules: Place sample purses for everyone(Aal player) to use and ask them(Player) to rearrange the things inside neatly(Simple ,Try it).
Winner: The Person(Player)does the neatest job in the fastest time will win.

6.Sponge the Water Game.

Items needed(Require) to play: Bucket of water, few sponges and empty small bottles
How to Play:- Each Person (Player) has to fill their bottle with water transferred from the bucket with the help of the sponge(Funny,Try it).
Winner: Person(Player) who collects the mwater in the bottle is the winner.

7.Straw in the Hair Game.

Items needed(Require) to play: A huge (Many) bunch of straws
How to Play:- Every  Person (Player) has to tuck in as many straws into their hair as possible without them falling off(Difficult, Check It out).
Winner: The person(Player) with the maximum number of straws tucked in their hair in one minute.

8.Transfer the Plastic Balls:

Items needed(Require) to play: A bucket with a big bunch of plastic balls (Different-Different),Empty containers for each player and spoons.
How to Play:- Each Person (Player) has to shift as many plastic balls as possible with a spoon from the bucket into their containers. Anyone(All Members) who drops a ball in the process will be out of the game(Simple,try it).
Winner: The Member(Palyer) who successfully transfers maximum number of the plastic balls in a minute.

9.Straw in the Hair Game

Items needed(Require) to play: A huge bunch of straws Or nothing.
Game Rules: Every Person (player) has to tuck in as many straws into their hair as possible without them falling off or Hurting (Funny, Checkit).
Winner: The person(Player) with the maximum number of straws tucked in their hair in one minute Will win.

10.Make Roman Numbers Game

Items needed(Require) to play: A Huge Bunch of matchboxes Or Nothing
How to Play:-Each participant(Payer) is given two matchboxes only.The player (Member) has to make as many roman numbers as they can with the matchsticks Difficult,Try It Na).
Winner: The person(Player) who makes the maximum roman numbers in 1 minutes Or More.

Kitty party

1.Musical Balloons Game

Items needed(Require)to play:  Blown out balloons which are one less in number than the number of ladies(Players) Present in your Party.
How to Play:-Scatter(Separate) the balloons across the room. Tell all participants(Player) to stand in the centre of the room and play music. The moment the music stops, the ladies(Players) have to grab one balloon. Whoever has not managed to do so is out. Anyone who bursts the balloon will also be out(Funny, Try it out).
Winner: The person(Player) who remains in the game till the end.

2. Cotton Balls Game

Items needed(Require) to play:  10-12 cotton balls for each player(Member), a table with a demarcation line (made with chalk Or Marker) running across its length, near the edge.
How to Play:-10 cotton balls will be kept in front of each Person (Player) on a table. The people (Player) has to blow off all 10 of these to the other side of the demarcation line. Players(Member) who blow the cotton balls off the table will be disqualified(Find it Easy,try it).
Winner: The person(Player) who has blown off the maximum number of cotton balls wins this ladies kitty party games.

3. Peacock Feather Game

Items needed(Require) to play: Take Soem Peacock feathers according to no. of players Present in your Party.
How to Play:-Draw a start and finish line with a 20 feet distance in between. Each Person (Player) has to reach the finishing line by balancing the feather on the tip of their index finger (finger placed horizontally)(Easy,Tyr it out).
Winner: Person(Player) who reaches the finishing line first with peacock feather balanced perfectly.

4. Blow The Balloon Game

Items needed(Require) to play: Take Some Balloons according to the number of players.
How to Play:-Distribute(Give) a balloon to each Person (Player) who in turn will get 10 breathes to blow the balloon. This will be an appropriate And Interesting game to be played when you organise a Childhood (Sweet) theme kitty party. If you are looking for interesting themes to spice up your kitty party, we have a collection of 50 Different-Different theme suggestions for you(Interesting,Try it).
Winner: The person(Player) who blows the biggest balloon in 10 breathes.

5.Straw And Thermocol Balls Game
Items needed (require) to Play :-Take  A container filled with thermocol balls And Take an empty container Along with 2-3 packs of straws(According to players).
How To Play:- Every Person(Player) have to suck the thermocol balls with the help of straw and transfer them(Balls) to the empty container. Time limit: 1 minute(Funny,Why don't you Try it).

6.Peas On A Toothpick Game

Items Needed (Require) to Play::- A bowl full of peas Along With some toothpicks(according to players).
How To Play: Hand over a toothpick to each person (Player). They have to pick up three peas in each toothpick(Easy,Try it).
Winner:- The Person (Player) Does It in Less time will be the winner.

7.Coins On A Paper Plate Game

Items Needed (Require) To Play:-A paper plate And Some toothpicks, a bunch of coins(According to Members).

How To Play: Each Person(Player) has to use a toothpick to balance the coins on the edge of the paper plate. 

Winner:-The player(member) who finishes the task the fastest is the winner.

8.Stack The Coins Game.

Items Needed ( Require): A bunch of Rs 1 and Rs 2 coins (According to Players).

How To Play: Ask the players(Members) to make stacks of coins in such a way that each stack of coins add up to Rs 10(Easy,Not so).

Winner:- The person(Player) who makes the maximum stack of Rs 10 coins, is the winner.

9.White And Black Coins Game

Items Needed(Require) to Play:-Chessboard, 32 coins of denomination 2 and 5(Acc.yo Players).

How To Play: Players(Members) have to place the Rs 2 coin on the white check and the Rs 5 coin on the black check(Simple, found it). 

Winner:-The winner is that player(Member) who gets the maximum number of coins in the right square in a minute.

10.Make it or Break it Game

Items needed(Require) to play:  Nothing Practically

How to Play:-The Make It or Break It game is about making things quite literally(Fast). All you need to do here is divide your guests(Players) and make teams of equal players(Simple try it).
Once the teams are made, you can ask every team(Player in team) to make a new creative piece of accessory, or home decor showpiece, or creative piece of clothing, Or Interesting Apparels by using things that everyone(all) in the team is already wearing.

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