[Top 6] Amazing Oggy Games For Android In 2020-2021

Oggy Games

Oggy Games:- Oggy And The Cockroaches Ek Bhut Famous Cartoon Series Hai Jo Cartoon Network Or Nick Tv Par Aata hai.Ye Ek French Comedy Animated Cartoon Series hai Jise Gaumout Multimedia Or Xilam Animation Balon Ne Produced kiya Hai Or Ishe Create Kiya Hai Jean-Yves Raimbaud Ne.

Ish Article Me Ham Apke Sath Oggy And The Cockroaches Games,Oggy Games , Oggy Game Car, Oggy Go , Or Ishe sath Oggy famousGames Share kiye Hai.

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Best Oggy Games For Android 

  • 1.Oggy 3D Run - Free Runner Game
Oggy Games

Ye Oggy Fans Ke Liye One of The Best Game Hai.Challenges Or Exciting Ke Sath Sath Thrille Bhi Milega.Ye Game Bachcho Ke Sath Sath Adults Bhi Khel Sakte Hain.Trust Me Ishko Khelke Apko One of the Best gaming Experience milega.

Agar Aap Oggy And The Cockroaches ke fan  Toh Apko Ye game Jarur Khelna Chaiye..

  • Downloads:- Over 1 Million

  • Reviews:- Kids Are loving this Game So Much As It provide All sorts of Happiness and Enjoyment to them.Over 4k Reviews Mostly Positive.

  • Rating:- This Game have Got 4.0 out of 5

-:About Game:-

Race(Dodh) with Oggy to chase(Peecha) down the Cockroaches in this amazing 3D runner game!

Oggy 3D Run Game - Chase(Peecha) down the Cockroaches; Marky, Joey and Dee Dee with your favorite(Manpasand) character Oggy.

Oggy 3D Run is all about running(Dodhna) at Full speed and avoiding obstacles(Badhaye) and traps sets by the cockroaches. Play with easy(Aasan) to learn controls, swipe left & right to change lanes(Line).

jump over obstacles(Badhaye) or roll under them to chase down(Neeche) the cockroaches who have stolen(Chori) your food.

Collect coins to unlock(Kholna) and buy(Kharidna) amazing power ups and blaze through the levels to catch(Pakadna) the cockroaches. Use power ups like(Jese) Jetpacks, Skates, Magnets and many more(or bhi) to help you win and complete the levels faster(Jaldi) and easier.

Unlock Characters

  • 1.Caveman Oggy Avatar
  • 2.Cowboy Oggy Avatar
  • 3.Magician Oggy Avatar
  • 4.Pirate Oggy avatar
  • 5.Super Oggy Avatar
  • 6.Watson Oggy Avatar

Customize your favourite(Manpasand Characters!!

Amazing and Funky(Cool) Oggy All New Avatarss to choose and play fromm.

Change and try out the various(alag alag) character avatars in the game.

Key Features

  • 1.Complete 3D(Three Dimensional) world Game
  • 2.Play with various(Alag Alg) Oggy avatars
  • 3.Multiple(Bhut sare) environments to play in
  • 4.Chase the cockroaches By Oggy and Collect Food(Khana) & Coins.
  • 5.Over 100+ levels to unlock.
  • 6.Use skates(Designer)& other powerr ups to move faster.
  • 7.Daily Prizes(Gifts) to Collect!!

  • 2.Oggy-Xilam Animation
Oggy Games

Ye Game khud Oggy and the cockroaches ke producers Ne Banaya He.Toh Ap Smjh hi Sakte hain ki Ye Game Kitna acha Hoga.Ish Game Ke Graphic Design Bhut Ache Hain.Ye Game Bhut Hi Attractive or Addictive Hai.

Agar Aap Oggy And The Cockroaches ke fan Hain Toh Apko Ye game Jarur Khelna Chaiye..

  • Downloads:- Over 10 Million Downloads

  • Reviews:- Kids Are loving this Game So Much As It provide All sorts of Happiness and Enjoyment to them.Over 40k Reviews Mostly Positive.

  • Rating:- This Game have Got 4.3 out of 5

-:About Game:-

Oggy and the cockroaches are coming to a new hilarious(crazy) runner game!

Here come(Aaye) OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES in an awesome new RUNNER GAME!!!! Joey, Deedee and Marky will rock your (Duniya)world: yes, roach-hunting(Marna) season is open! On your mark$, get ready(Teyar) and SQUASH’EM BOOM!!!!!

The kitchen is in an uproar(Kolahal)! Those wicked(Bure) cockroaches - Joey, Deedee and Marky - have attempted to empty Oggy’s refrigerator(Fridge)! Your mission$???

Go after them in this completely crazy(Rochak) runner game! Do your utmost to stop(Rokna) them while they’re on the run, as you carefully avoid whatever obstacles(Badhaye) they leave in your way! Jump, roll, fly and use your swatter to squash those cheeky(Mukhar) cockroaches!

  • - Rediscover the world(Duniya)of the series with its special graphics!
  • - 3 different worlds ✓New one
  • - 3 super-crazy(Mast) super-powers to unlock!
  • - Wilder-than-ever obstacles(Badhaye) and projectiles to avoid(Chorna)!
  • - Coins galore(Bahutayat) to collect, to increase(Badayega) Oggy’s skills!
  • - The chance to challenge(Chunoti) your friends on Facebook!

Additional Information

  • Get free coins(Paise) from the main menu or the shop in exchange of video watching(Dekhna).
  • Get a free revive per day daily  in exchange of one video watching(Dekhne pe)
  • - Compatibility with Android 4.0 and over(Every phone supportive)
  • - Google Play Game(khel) center support
  • - Updated Facebook connectivity(Connection)
  • - Bug/Glitches fixes

  • 3.Oggy Super Speed Racing (The Official Game)
oggy and jack games

Actually Yar ye game oggy ka best game hai Racing field me.KamalMaza Rkha he ish game ne.Ye game bhut zada mazedar or Addictive hai.Interesting baat yeh hai ish ishme apko oggy ke kafi Avatars Milenge.

Agar Aap Oggy And The Cockroaches ke fan Hain Toh Apko Ye game Jarur Khelna Chaiye..

  • Downloads:- Over 5 Million Downloads

  • Reviews:- .Over 14k Reviews Mostly PositiveAnd Lovable.

  • Rating:- This Game have Got 4.2 out of 5

-:About Game:-

Race with your favorite(Manpasand) oggy characters in custom car and swoop(Jhapatta) the competition.

Be Ready(Teyar) for an action packed race(Run) across exciting areas from your favorite(Manpasand) show Oggy and the Cockroaches !! Race with your favorite Characters(Chitra), Customize your vehicle(Car) and smash(Mardo) the competition with your handy swatter(weapon)!! Zoom(jio) through the competition now!

Oggy was happily(Khush) going about his day to get a snack from his fridge when he saw the pesky(Bure) Cockroaches steal all his food. The Cockroaches threw(phekne lge) it all on him and made a run(Bhage) for it in their cars.

Help Oggy and beat(Harana) them at their own race and get his revenge(Badla) as they run across different maps and terrains, going through different obstacles(Badhaye). Collect coins(Paise) along the way, which can be used(Use) to upgrade your cars and reach greater(Jada) distances.


  • 1.Explore (Dekhiye) 5 Exciting worlds full of adventures: House, City, Egypt, Ice World and Jungle!
  • 2.Play as your favorite(manpasand) character and defeat(Harado) all the others in the race!
  • 3.Use your super boost to get ahead(Aage) of the competition!
  • 4.Use various(Alag Alag) kinds of boosts like Jump Boost or Speed boost to avoid obstacles!
  • 5.Color you vehicle(Car)and express(Jatao) your Style!!
  • 6.Smash through all your obstacles(Badhaye) with your car and win the race!
  • 7. Use a swatter to smash(Haraye)all your competition!!
  • 8.Complete missions(Goals) and get generous rewards(Tohfe)!
  • 9.Collect all the New cars and customize them to make the coolest(Mast) combination!!
  • 10.Enjoy nice & kids(Bachcho) friendly music and sounds!
  • 11.Controls are so simple(Easy) to learn that even toddler can play this game!

Oggy And Jack Games Download

  • 4.Oggy Go -World Of Racing(The Official Game)

oggy and jack games

Most Famous Game Ye Hi hai Oggy ka.Bachche Ish Game ke liye Pagal Hain.Ye Game Bhut Hi Attractive or Addictive Game hai.kyoki Ye Game Apko khush Kr Deta h.Ish Game ko Jarur Try Karein.

Agar Aap Oggy And The Cockroaches ke fan Hain Toh Apko Ye game Jarur Khelna Chaiye..

Downloads:- Over 5 Million Downloads

Reviews:- .Over 14k Reviews Mostly PositiveAnd Lovable.

Rating:- This Game have Got 4.2 out of 5

About Game:-

Chase the mischievous(Presan krne bale) cockroaches down with the help of Oggy and his friends.

Finally!! Oggy fans get ready(Teyar)to witness for the new age modern Oggy and the cockroaches in a high speed chase(Peecha) were you will witness the madness in an epic battle.

Key Features

  • - Experience(Enjoy)the new age Oggy in stunning new Graphics
  • - Witness(See) the Fast and the furry of Oggy and His friends(Dost) in wide varieties of cars with unique upgrades.
  • - Unlock(Uncover) the new stages and see the world with Oggy and the Cockroaches.
  • - Cool(Good) graphics and smooth physics simulation
  • - 24 Levels are there and many more to come.
  • - 6-7 Vehicles(Cars) to go crazy in.
  • - 4 Different-different characters to play from.
  • - Play with your favourite(Manpasand) characters and have fun.
  • - Collect(Take) Fuel Cans to complete the levels
  • - Garage mode: Build(Make) and drive your dream vehicle with custom parts!
  • - Perform amazing Backflips(Stunts) and Front flips(Stunt) with High jumping Platforms
  • - Collect(Take)Daily Bonus
This is how it all began(Shurubat), Jack’s Monster(vilen) truck barges in the garden. He runs(Bhaga) up to Oggy and says he has participated(Bhag liya) in a racing tournament meantime the Cockroaches are planning to sabotage(Kharab) the race and create(Banao) a havoc for Oggy and his friends.

Now you(Aap) Oggy fans have to stop this madness and win this epic battle(Ladai) between the Oggy and the Cockroaches.

Face all obstacles and challenges(Chunoti) created by the Cockroaches in many different vehicles. Collect coins(Paise) along the way, which can be used to upgrade your cars(Weapon) and reach(Pahucho) higher distances.

  • 5.Oggy And The Cockroaches-SpotThe Difference
oggy games download

Ye Game Baki Oggy Games Se Bhut Different and Bhut Exciting/Funny Game hai.And One Of most challenging Game Bhi Hai. Only Your sharp Eyes Can See The Difference.Get Ready!.A Must Try game.

Agar Aap Oggy And The Cockroaches ke fan Hain Toh Apko Ye game Jarur Khelna Chaiye..

  • Downloads:- Over 1 Million Downloads

  • Reviews:- .Over 8k Reviews Mostly PositiveAnd Lovable.

  • Rating:- This Game have Got 4.3 out of 5

About Game:-

Timeless(No End) game with challenges for both children and parents!

Put your powers of observation(Sharp Eye) to the test as you compare Oggy's world to find all the differences. It’s fast, it’s crazy(Mast) and it’s hilarious(Crazy)… it’s OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES as seen on TVBoom !

Search for hidden(Chupe hue) objects in  Oggy's home or Oggy's trips in Egypt or India!


  • - 8 colorful(Cool) and joyful images
  • - 40 to 45 differences Between per image
  • - Original music(Good) and sound effects(Effects) straight from the TV show
  • - 5 game modes(Exciting): time attack, fast, blind, unlimited and 2 players!
  • - Achievements to unlock(Uncover)
  • Are you ready(Teyar) for this challenge? Do Download And Install Oggy's game of differences now!

  • 6.History Oggy
oggy games download

A Very Unique Quiz Game.Ye Game sirf Unh Logo Ke Liye Hai Jinne memory Power Achi Hai(Power To Remember).Ye bhut Different game hai..Or Sach Btaun toh zada acha game nhi hai h.Still You should Try It.

Agar Aap Oggy And The Cockroaches ke fan Hain Toh Apko Ye game Jarur Khelna Chaiye..

  • Downloads:- Over 100 K thousands Downloads

  • Reviews:- .Over 1k Reviews Mostly PositiveAnd Lovable.

  • Rating:- This Game have Got 4.2 out of 5.

About Game:-

Play with Oggy and learn(Seekhe) History!
Education and cartoons collide(Combine)in this quiz game based on season 5 of Oggy and the Cockroaches’ adventures through history.

As Oggy journeys(Yatra)from the Great Pyramids to China’s Great Wall, meeting(Milna) Julius Caesar and Napoleon along the way, kids(Bache) will learn and be tested on their knowledge, while also unlocking(Uncover) some fun key scenes.

History Oggy contains(Have) more than 600 questions(Prasan) and facts about prehistoric times, Ancient(Purana) Egypt, Rome and China, and Great Napoleonic Empire. Children will be able to play the solo(Single) campaigns and unlock collection cards from the famous leaders.

 places and traditions(Purana) of the ages, while family and friends(Dost) can also compete in ‘Time Dual’ mode.

With History Oggy, learning(Seekhe) has never been more fun!


1.Oggy Games (Game Creators) respects your privacy(Secret), does not store any personal information(Don't Worry) and does not allow you share(Don't Worry) this information.

2.If you are facing any of  problems(Dikkate) while installatingg or while playing the game(Oggy Games),You can Contact((On their Emails) the game team They'll surely Resolve Your Problem.

Best Oggy Games

  • 1.Oggy 3D Run-Free Runner Game- Download
  • 2.Oggy- Xilam Animation.              -Download
  • 3.Oggy Super Speed Game.            -Download
  • 4.Oggy Go -World Of Racing.         -Download
  • 5.Oggy-Spot The difference.          -Download
  • 6.History Oggy.                                 -Download

About Oggy And The Cockroaches

Oggy And The Cockroaches(Also known as simply Oggy) is a French comedy animated series For Children's And Whose First Two seasons are  produced By Gaumont Multi-media and other season are produced Xilam Animation Company, and created by Jean Vyes Raimbaud.

The show revolves around the titular characters: the cats Oggy, Jack and the cockroaches Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee. When the show started airing in 1998, it was Super  successful in France and was  broadcasted worldwide.And Now The Craze Of this Show Is Getting higherAnd More Higher day by day.

Oggy's First Episode In Full HD
Important FAQs

  • 1.Is Oggy and the Cockroaches Indian?

Ans. Oggy And The Cockroaches is telecasting on both Cartoon Network(Cartoon Channel) and Nickelodeon(Cartoon Channel) in India The Oggy brand is distributed in more than 160(Or more) countries worldwide.So It Is clear That It is A World-widebrand.

  • 2.Where is Oggy and the Cockroaches made?

 Ans.Oggy And The Cockroaches(Also known as simply Oggy)is a French animated comedy series produced by Xilam Animations and Was Created in 1997 To 1998. It was originally Made in France(Foreign Country) but also gained international(Worldwide) popularity as well and now runs on different channels in Different-Different countries Over the World.

  • 3.Is OGGY a cat?

Ans.Yes ,oggy is a Kitty Cat with a light blue(Colour) body, green eyes, grey tummy(Stomach) and white feet. Oggy Generally spends his time either watching TV or doing housework(Cleaning Washing N All)— when not chasing the cockroaches(His Enemies).

  • 4.Who is OGGY the Blue Cat's cousin?

Ans. JACK, Cousin Of Oggy Jack(His Cousin) is a real time bomb on four pans. He is naturally aggressive(Angry Youngman) and totally impulsive. He has decided to turn(Change) Oggy, his pampered, comfy, bourgeois Cousin(Brother), into a cat, a real cat! Jack is the ideal witness to all of the horrors(Scaring) that the roaches inflict on Oggy.

  • 5.What is the age of OGGY?

Ans.22 years old As confirmed through a YouTube(In 2018) Video ,Oggy's as of 2020 is 20l2 years old (which corresponds(Connected) to the amount of years since the show initially aired(Published) in 1997-1998).

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