Top 10 Most Crazy Games in India 2020 | Flashgamesnew

Top 10 Most Crazy Games in India 2020 | Flashgamesnew

Crazy games:- Wanna play the games which are so crazy to play but you are Confused? Don't You worry about anything we're here to sort it Out.We're considering all the factors of game.So you wanna know,the game you're playing is safe for you? Scroll Down!

Here we're sharing the most crazy games you ever played.We have analysed all the factors including , addictiveness , graphics , Controls, battery consumption , Safe?.So be ready to know the best Crazy games of all time.
Crazy games of all time

1.Pubg :- Players Unknown battleground

Top 10 Most Crazy Games in India 2020 | Flashgamesnew

The most crazy game of all time needs no introduction , Pubg became the most famous game of all time as it fulfills all sort of facts that Requires the game to be best. The game was developed and publish by Pubg Corporation and a South Korean vedio game company Bluehole.

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About Game:-

The game has inspired from the a Japanese movie Battle royale (2000).In this game, up to one hundred (100) players parachute onto an island and  searches weapons and equipment to kill others players while avoiding getting killed themselves by enemies.The player/team standing wins the round.

Pubg Game was first released in March 2017 for Microsoft windows , then finally released in September 2018 for Android and ios in free version of mobiles.Pubg is one of the best selling and most played vedio game of all time.Even after it get many negative reviews along with many positive reviews from the players Nowadays Pubg tournaments are available, players shows their skills and earns alot.

  • Download:-100 M +
  • Rating:-4.3
  • Review:-28 M +
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Top 10 Most Crazy Games in India 2020 | Flashgamesnew

Fortnite is the most successful online Vedio game , the love of gamers.It is basically a online Vedio game which is developed by epic Games and released in 2017.And Became the most successful and famous game of 2017-18.And have achieved many awards like teen choice award,etc etc.

About Game:-

It is basically available in three distinct game mode/versions which are give below-

2.1:- Fortnite Save the World :- a shooting - surviving game up to four players to fight against the Zombies and other Creatures and defend their objects.

2.2:-Fortnite battle royale:- A battle royale mode where up to 100 player can play to stand last and win, the players fight against each others to be victorious.

2.3.FortniteCreative:- The Mode where players are given completely freedom to create  worlds and battle arenas to be victorious

  • Download:-100M + 
  • Rating:- 4.1
  • Reviews:-20 M + 

3.Garena Free Fire
Top 10 Most Crazy Games in India 2020 | Flashgamesnew

The most famous game among all those player who don't have an expensive mobile phone.Garena free fire famously known as free fire is an online multiplayer game which is developed by 111 dots studio and published by Garena for Androids and ios.This Game became the most downloaded mobile game of year 2019 , due to its popularity ,this game have received the award for " Best Popular Voted Game" in 2019 by the Play Store.

About Game:-

Garena free fire famously known as free fire is an online multiplayer game.The game has  consists of up to 50 players falling from a plane through a parachute on an island in the  search of weapons and equipment to kill the other players or Enemies. Players are free to choose their starting position or place , take weapons and supplies to extend battle life and to win the round.
In November, 2019, Garena has successfully grossed over $1 billion worldwide.
Free fire is now currently working on an enhanced version of Free Fire which will be called Free Fire Max Round and will be most fun.

  • Download:-500 M +
  • Rating:-3.8
  • Reviews:- 50 M +

4.Subway Surfer

One of the most famous game of all time for kids.Such games seriously provides all sort of happiness to the players.The game with great graphics , regular updates , excitement, so basically it just fulfills all the important factor.The two characters of Subway surfers are very famous that is Jake And Tricky.The Soul of the game frankly speaking.

About game:-

Help Your friend Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpyand Cruel Inspector and his dangerous dog.
Run as fast as you can?!!!!!!
Dodge all the oncoming trains and the Obstacles coming in the mid!!

✓ Grind the trains/Obstacles with your cool crew! !!!!?
✓ Colorful and vivid HD graphics which are no where!!!
✓Hoverboard Surfing. !
✓ Paint powered jetpack! !!!!
✓Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!?!!
✓ Challenge and help your friends!!!!
✓Enjoy the game !!!!

  • Download:-1 B+ (1000M +)
  • Rating:- 4.4
  • Reviews:-32M +

5.Talking Tom

Top 10 Most Crazy Games in India 2020 | Flashgamesnew

The most fun game you have ever played. This game is all about repeating your voice. Many people are crazy for this game all over the World.
Talking Tom is created by media franchise and is owned by Outfit7 Ltd.This game is focuses on the cartoon animal characters which repeating things said by the users.Now they Published many app with different-different characters, while the First app was launched in July 2010.From now 2020 , the apps have achieved more than 12 billion Downloads.

About Game:-

So this game became very popular world-wide in very short time, so the developer build new new characters in the form of talking Tom alternatives, many of them become very popular and are give below-:-

Talking tom:- This character Became most popular World-wide , a grey Cat with her tabby.This 3D Characters has got an award of "most popular cat Worldwide".

Talking Angela:- After the success of talking tom , the franchise introduces talking Angela which also become as popular as Tom was.
Tom's Love Connection and very beautiful and stylish but very short tempered white cat who loves dancing, Singing, Eating and beating tom.

Talking Ginger:- Another very popular alternative of talking tom is Ginger, A very cuty kitten , he's Tom's nephew and in web series of Tom . He's Tom'snew Neighbour.

Talking Ben:- Another Alternative of talking tom , a brown grumpy dog who is also a chemistry professor. This unfortunately isn't became that popular as others are.

Talking Hank:- A white dog along with dark blue spots of his body ,he was introduced in web series in 2014.And become popular in short time.

Talking Becca :- A rabbit which is grey by Colour and was first featured in tv series of talking tom . Unfortunately it doesn't make its many fan.

  • Download:-500 M+
  • Rating:- 4.5
  • Reviews:-16M +

6.Call Of Duty : COD

One of the most old game and most popular

One of the most old game and most popular
game of all time is COD, Call Of Duty is a first person shooting vedio game which is Publishby franchise Activision.From time to time the franchise introduces new new modes in which the latest or very popular one is Call of Duty : Modern Warfare which was released in October 2019.

About Game:-

Call Of Duty Or famously known as COD is War fighting- Shooting based Game with great graphics and controls.The game startedin 2003 and it first only focused on games set in World war II.The game were First developed by the Infinity ward Company after then Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games.

Till February 2016, the series has successfully sold over 250 million copies itself. sSales of all COD( Call of Duty) games topped dollar $15 billion which is really remarkable.

  • Download:-100M +
  • Rating:- 4.4
  • Reviews:- 8 M +

7. Angry birds

Crazy games in India 2020

This game doesn't need any introduction .The Simplest game ever you've played but most interesting and famous game of all time.
Anger birds is basically a very simple puzzle vedio game which is developedby Rovia Entertainment Ltd.Basically the game is inspired from the sketches of stylish wingless birds and after launching the game became very popular world-wide.

About game:-

Angry birds was first released in December 2009 for iOS and maemo devices.After the launch, almost 12 million copies of the game have been purchased by iOS. A sequel named Angry birds 2 was released in July 2015 for Androidand iOS devices.

The gameplay of the game is very smooth and which revolves around players uses a sling-shot to launch the birds towards pigs or around various structure.Birds needs to destroy all the pigs on the playing outfield.As you became old player and crosses stages, powerful and new types of birds Become available for the Player.

  • Download:- 100M+
  • Rating:- 4.5
  • Reviews:- 5M +

8.8 Ball Pool

Crazy games in India 2020

Very popular game all over the World along with most downloads on Play Store.And I must say that this game deserves all this , the game provides best gameplay , great graphics , smooth gaming experience etc etc.

About Game:-

Play the World's Most Famous And #1 Pool game.


Make your skills in the practice era, take on the world in 1 vs 1 matches , or enter tournaments to win trophies and the crown and be the favourite of all.


Make your crew and table.
In every competitive 1 VS 1 match you play, there’ll be Pool Coins at stake – win the match and the Coins are yours permanently. You can use these to enter higher-ranked matches with bigger-stakes, or to buy new items in the Pool-Shop or gallery.


Playing along with friends is very l easy: sign in with your Facebook account and you’ll be able to challenge your friends-Directly from the game. Challenge your buddies anytime, anywhere and show off your skills /Experience.


8 Ball Pool’s level-system directly means you’re gonna always facing a challenge. Play matches to increase your skills / ranking and get access to more Amazing match locations , where you play against only the best Pool-players(Best Competetor).

  • Download:- 500M+
  • Rating:- 4.5
  • Reviews:- 18M +

9.Candy Crush Saga

Crazy games in India 2020

Most Sweetest game ever in world full of Excitement .The game with very smooth gameplay and  with very great graphics and controls.
Candy Crush is a match threee game , where the main gameplay is based on swapping the candies to make a row or columnof at least 3 matching candies (by colour).
The sweetest puzzle game you ever played  Switch the match & blast the candies to win levels!!

About Game:-

With more than a trillion-levels played, Candy crush saga game is one of the most popular / famous mobile games of all time!!

Switch and match Candies in this tasty puzzle adventure to Clear the door to the next level to feel the sweetie sweetness of victory!! Solve puzzles with quick thinking/ moves  and  be victorious with delicious tasty candy- com'bos!!!!

Execute your plans by matching 3 or more candies in a row, using your boosters on regular  basis to overcome those extra sticky puzzles will make you victorious for sure!!!
Candy Crush Saga features:


Many awesome levels and puzzles in the Kingdom of the Candy Crush and with more added every 15 days which will be so cool!!


Check and  spin the Wheel to receive free-tasty rewards, and take part in time limited challenges to get ( earn) boosters to help you go up!!!!?


Sweet ways to play:-Many Game modes including Target-Score, Clear the delicious Jelly, Collect all the-ingredients and just boom there!!!

  • Download:- 1 B+(1000M+)
  • Rating:- 4.6
  • Reviews:-28 M+

10.Temple Run

Crazy games in India 2020

The most crazy  game for kids with such a great graphics and easy controls.Temple Run is basically a 3D game with Endless Running and this game is developed by Imagis Studio.The devil monkeys are there to chase you down.You have be safe from those monkey and many obstacles in mid.The game was initially released in 2011 August.

About game:-

Temple Run became very successful at commercial level along with many positive review by critics.Because of the success of Temple Run the franchise kept introduces new sequels time to time.The success of a game also inspired many other games.It has received many rewards and activity books.

Download:- 500M +
Rating:- 4.1 
Reviews:-5M +

1.Pubg :- Players Unknown battleground:- Download
2.Fortnite :-                 Download
3.Garena Free Fire:- Download
4.Subway Surfer. :-.  Download
5.Talking Tom:-.         Download
6.Call Of Duty :COD: Download
7. Angry birds:-          Download
8.8 Ball Pool:-.            Download
9.Candy Crush Saga:Download
10.Temple Run:-.       Download


Here's the end of my article , I hope you guys definitely like The most crazy games you ever played.I tried hard to find all the games so I hope you like it.

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